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Hard days

I’ve been terribly busy these days.

April is the beginning of academic year in Japan, so that I have to take care of new members in my lab. In addition, the deadline of a grant propoal was several days ago. I’ve kept working hard on it for a few weeks.

As soon as I finished it, I resumed my own experiments. However, they met a hitch. One of them was cloning experiment, which didn’t work well, because of old plates I made…

Mm… I should try the exp again from the beginning during the holidays next week. In Japan, there will be lots of national holidays, so that the next week is called “golden week”.

During holidays, I don’t have to care about nasty administrative tasks, so I can be engaged in my own experiments in a whole day.

But, still, there are lots of desk works too… I should finished up some paperworks during the holidays….