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Yesterday I did some of my own experiments by myself. Already more than one year has passed since the last experiment.

These days, most of my work was going together with my desk and PC. Desk works exhaust me very much, but the experimental works require relatively active movements between my office and labs. Although this also makes me tired, it was a sort of exercise, I think. Better fatigue…

In addition, the combination of scientific thinking and experimental procedure is actually a very intriguing process, in my opinion. So, I eager to be involved in experimental works as far as I can.


Pea Aphid Genome Annotation Workshop

I’m now at Princeton, attending Pea Aphid Genome Annotation Workshop I.

Actually I am neither a genomicist nor a bioinformatist. However, I’ve been engaged in aphid studies for many years using some molecular techniques, so that I am a bit interested in a genomics.

I am not good at dealing large amount of information like genomic informations, but I think these genomics studies largely help us to understand the complicated biology of many organisms.

To use genome information in a smart manner, the annotation of genes seems to be important.

Recent jobs

It has been lots of months, probably longer than a year,  since I did my last experiments in the lab. These days, most of my time is spent for writing papers and/or grants, preparing presentations and/or lectures, and many other stuffs related to administration.

Among those things, I prefer writing and reading scientific papers, thinking about biology and science.  Frequently, I tend to lose many hours just for thinking about those things, especially about how to understand evolution.

In addition to the scientific studies in my lab, recently, I am engaged in some works for international collaborations. Those collaborative works are actually exciting but need some plenty of time.

Although the recent productivity of my lab is actually high, I think that I am fond of and good at experiments and observations, so that I wish I would have more time to get in touch with raw materials like insects.

Summer Meetings

This summer, I will attend the two international meetings, both of which will be held in the US. The one is Evolution 2008 in Minnesota, June 20-24, and the other is Pea Aphid Genome Annotation Workshop in Princeton, July 14-15.

After Evolution 2008, I will visit a lab in Wisconsin, where one of my lab member has just moved this spring. There, I will have to give a talk. So, I havee to prepare two talks and a poster, for those two visits to the US.

It’s about the time to start preparing those presentations…

Cherryblossoms in Hokkaido

Most of Japanese like cherry blossoms, which bring us spring atmosphere. In the mainland of Japan, cherry blossoms bloom in the early April. However, here in Hokkaido, situation is different.

Eventually, cherry blossoms bloom here too. But the species of cherry tree is different from that in the mainland. Both belong to the same genus Prunus, but the cherry in Hokkaido is Prunus sargentii, while that in Tokyo is Prunus × yedoensis.

Here’s the cherry blossom in Hokkaido.
cherryblossoms in Hokkaido, Japan

Snowboarding on a spring day

On the day before yesterday, I went for snowboarding with some of my lab members. The ski resort called “Sapporo Kokusai” is close to the center of Sapporo, i.e. it takes about 1 hr by car.


The weather was extremely nice, probably the warmest day of this spring. We enjoyed snowboarding very much. This was the second time for me to snowboard in this winter season, and this would be the last time for this snow season.

Although Hokkaido is the northernmost island in Japan, it gets warmer and warmer day by day. In the city there are no snow already, and fresh leaves on trees and grasses are beautiful. Soon later we can see a number of insects that will make us busy…