After the Evolution meeting, I dropped in a laboratory in Wisconsin, where my colleague just moved this spring.

While Minneapolis in Minnesota was also nice place, Wisconsin-Madison is also a very beautiful place. The university campus as well as residential areas located near Lake Mendota.

We walked along the lake shore, where there are walk ways. The place was very beautiful with many trees and animals. In returen, we had lots of mosquitos there. They seem pretty large in comparison with mosquitos we often see in Japan. Furthermore, we met some gaggles of Canadian geese there too. Those included many youngs, and adults protected them by menacing us with honking.

 Because the university campus is just on the shore, sports like yachting or wind surfing are popular among students. Probably there are a number of clubs or schools for those lake leisures.

I just stayed there for only two nights, but felt the nice atmosphere of the town. I want to visit this town again in the near future.



  1. mmm Said:

    Welcome back!

    I’ve never been to the Lake region but it looks very nice. There may be plants I’m looking for around the lake shore, although it is too early for insects that feed on them…

    Tarantula rolls are made of crab legs, right? What is the dragon roll?

  2. polyphenism Said:

    I found some insects but not so many as you said. I guess they are just appearing now.

    According to the sushi restaurant menu the rolls we ate are made of…

    “Tarantula: soft-shell crab, rock crab, cuke, avo, masago mayo, spicy”

    “Godzilla: tempura shrimp, tobikko, avo, cream cheese, scallion, spicy”

    Cream cheese in the Godzilla roll was tasty, although it is not a real Japanese one… lol

    Please try them if you have a chance.

  3. mmm Said:

    Thanks for the recipe. I may try to make the godzilla roll to know how it tastes like. I imagine it is so hot that you could become godzilla…|o|

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