Evo2008 was over

Last night, Evolution 2008 at the U of Minnesota was over.

This was actually my second time to attend this meeting. Last one was the last year’s meeting at Christchurch in NZ. At the time, I presented a poster.

This time, I registered my talk at the session of “behavior and social evolutoin.”  Last morning, I managed to finish my talk. So, exhausted…

I talked on one of my molecular studies on soldeir-specific proteins, which are related to social communications in a termite. The topic was a bit maniac, so that I was afraid about whether the audience would be interested in my talk.

Fortunately, relatively many people came, and I took two questions on the functions of the focal proteins. My talk was scheduled in the early morning, and after that, I was too tired to concentrate on other talks.

my talk

In the afternoon, with my colleague, took a walk in the campus and went to the university shop to buy some souvenirs.

At night, the banquet was held at a beautiful venue in the campus. There were several hundreds of people having dinner together. We enjoyed a number of parformances there.

Evolution2008 Banquet

Next meeting, Evolution2009, will be held in Idaho. I wish I could attend the meeting again next year.



  1. mmm Said:

    Presentation on the last day must have been hard, especially with a jet lag.

    The following news may help you when you travel back home—it’s a tip for beating jet lag:


  2. polyphenism Said:

    Thanks very much for your good information. Probably, the reason why I couldn’t recover from jet lag is I ate much during my stay. I should have tried fast treatment, but I just have two days here…

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