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Dynastid beetleĀ F1

Male dynastid beetle

As I posted on July 5, 2006, we are rearing dynastid beetles. Recently some of the individuals in the next generation become pupae. Today the first male beetle eclosed. This is really Japanese traditional horned beetle!!


Presoldier induction in termites

To investigate the developmental mechanism of caste differentiation in termites, presoldier induction technique is one of the most important expertise in my laboratory. Following is a resultant presoldier (right).

Termite presoldier

Papua golden stag beetle

Papua golden stag beetle

One of my lab members is so-called “stag-beetle freak”. He is keeping various species of stag beetles, among which a species is conspicuous because of its color. It is the Papua golden stag beetle. Here, three female individuals which have fantastic colors are shown. We do not know little about the proximate and ultimate mechanism of the color, but we really are addicted to them. (Photo by RC)