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Mayfly imaginal molt

At night, at the window of my lab, a subimago of mayfly came and preceeded the imaginal molt to become imago. The left insect is the cast-off exoskeleton of subimago. the adult mayfly possess very large compound eyes.

In comparison with the other hemimetabolous insects, the subimago stage is unusual and mysterious stage, because wings are normaly formed in adult stage in most of hemi- and holometabolous insects.


Dynastid Beetle

Now it is the season for the pupation of the Japanese dynastid beetles Allomyrina dichotoma. Most of the larvae in our lab has pupated, and some of them have already eclosed to become adult beetles, although all of the adults were female.
dynastid beetles

I am very much interested in this insect, because the male horn is a polyphenic trait, that shows dimorphism among males in addition to the sexual dimorphism. Even in the female pupae, there is a horn-like structures in head and thorax although there are no horns in adults. I guess there may be some disc-like structure in the larval epithelium in both sexes.

We just have a month…

Now we’ve entered July…. We just have a month left before the IUSSI congress… I mean… International Union of the Study of Social Insects, which will be held in Washington D.C. I will attend the congress with 6 members of my lab.

I will organize two symposia, will present a talk. Two pos docs will present their talks and 4 graduate students will present their posters. Thus, all of us will rush to prepare our presentations.

After the congress, I will visit Princeton Univ and Washington State Univ to meet some of my colleagues. We will have to discuss on our studies, so I think I have to summarize our recent data.

I think I have to change my brain into English version… I hope it is not too late….