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Bearded dragons.


In our lab, now there are 9 bearded dragons. When I was in Tokyo, a colleague at Univ Tokyo gave me a female dragon. We named her Katayama, because the name of the guy who gave me was Dr. Katayama. Last spring she moved from Tokyo to Sapporo. I worried that the climate was too cold for her. Bur we now put lots of lights and heaters for their cages. Their foods are mainly insects, so we normaly give giant mealworms to them. About our lovely dragons, there are lots of things to tell, so I will talk more about them later on…


My first blog is established here now!

Hello! I am a Japanese researcher working on the developmental plasticity in insects etc. A year ago, I establish my own lab at Hokkaido Univ, Japan. The main subject is to reveal the mechanisms of evolution and development of polyphenism, that is seen in lots of insect species. We are currently working on termites, ants, aphids and daphnids. If you are interested in the phenomena, please give any comments. Cheers!